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Bengals/Jaguars Inactive List: Four Cornerbacks Out For Cincinnati

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The Cincinnati Bengals will be extremely short-handed at cornerback against the Jacksonville Jaguars this Sunday. We knew that Dre Kirkpatrick (knee) would be out, and we suspected Nate Clements (calf) and Jason Allen (thigh) would be as well. However Leon Hall, questionable with a hamstring, is inactive against the Jaguars this weekend.

That leaves three active cornerbacks with Terence Newman and Adam Jones expected to start and the recently promoted Chris Lewis-Harris filling in during multiple defensive back situations. Chris Crocker has historically played cornerback with the Bengals, so we expect him to take snaps there, maybe even as the regular nickel.

We would point out that Robert Geathers is starting over Carlos Dunlap, but since Dunlap has started once during his entire career (when Geathers was injured), we figured it would be a little redundant.

Running back Bernard Scott (ankle), linebacker Roddrick Muckelroy (illness) and wide receiver Ryan Whalen (coach's decision) are also out this weekend. Jeff Faine, questionable with a hamstring, is active today as is his backup Trevor Robinson.

Out for the Jaguars are Kevin Rutland, Daryl Smith, Brandon Marshall, Herb Taylor, Daniel Baldridge, George Selvie, Jeris Pendleton.