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Cedric Peerman 48-Yard Fake Punt Leads To Chris Pressley Touchdown Reception And Bengals 10-7 Lead

Oh. My. Lord.

The Cincinnati Bengals offense is lifeless, dead, showing no life. A ten-yard Jermaine Gresham completion to the Bengals 34-yard line, set up another fourth down and eventual Kevin Huber punt. On four third down opportunities midway through the second quarter, the Bengals momentum is clearly on empty. So the punt team jogs onto the field and Clark Harris directs snap... to Cedric Peerman. It was wide open. Peerman sprints down the right sidelines on the 48-yard punt fake, tackled at the Jaguars 18-yard line.


But again. The Bengals struggle moving the football. Following a BenJarvus Green-Ellis five-yard gain, Dalton throws back-to-back incomplete passes. But much like the third down early in the game that resulted in a roughing the passer, Jermaine Gresham draws a defensive pass interference, putting Cincinnati on the one-yard line. One second and goal, Dalton fakes the handoff and rolls out to the left, throwing a strike to Chris Pressley for the touchdown.

Bengals take a 10-7 lead.