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Cincinnati Bengals Take 17-7 Lead With A Green 42-Yard Reception And Dalton Touchdown Run

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It's amazing how symbiotic a defense and rushing offense can be. Among some of the great teams in NFL history, a good rushing offense is always complemented by a great defense, and vice versa. Cincinnati's defense Frankenstein's themselves late in the second quarter, stoning ball carriers with great coverage from old safeties returning like an episode of Cheers. The Jaguars punt the football back to Cincinnati, who establish their ensuing possession at their own 40-yard line. BenJarvus Green-Ellis picks up 18 yards combined on consecutive runs -- with a one-yard loss as the two minute warning flashes on the clock.

On the first play on the short-side of the two minute warning, A.J. Green sprints down the right sidelines with Rashean Mathis covering. Andy Dalton rainbows the football, shining from the heavens like an angel's harps plucking through the humid Jacksonville air. Green clutches the football on the 42-yard reception as he's spun out of bounds at the Jaguars one-yard line. Dalton keeps the football and powers into the endzone to take a 17-7 lead.