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Jaguars Take Advantage Of Green-Ellis Fumble To Convert 21-Yard Field Goal

What was developing into an opportunity for the Cincinnati Bengals to take a 24-7 lead to start the third quarter, turned into something much different. The running back known for never fumbling, fumbled on the goalline, giving Jacksonville the football at their own 20-yard line. And apparently the fumble was equally a kick in the defensive stomach.

Within eight plays the Jaguars offense entered the redzone, converting a third and one from the Bengals 13-yard line with over five minutes remaining in the third quarter. The Jaguars possession eventually stalled at Cincinnati's three-yard line, where Josh Scobee converted a 21-yard field goal to reduce Cincinnati's 10-point lead to seven.

What should have been 24-7 is now 17-10.