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Chris Crocker Interception Leads To Mike Nugent Field Goal And Bengals 27-10 Lead

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Obviously with a 14-point deficit early in the fourth quarter, the Jacksonville Jaguars need to produce. On first down from their own 20-yard line with 13:51 remaining in the game, quarterback Blaine Gabbert overthrows rookie Justin Blackmon. Safety Chris Crocker, who returned back to the team during the week following the plethora of injury issues in the secondary, intercepts the pass and returns it 23 yards to the Jaguars 16-yard line.

It's the second big play by Crocker this afternoon; the first being great coverage on Blackmon's vertical route in the first half.

The Bengals are unable to convert a first down and Mike Nugent converts the 34-yard field goal to give the Bengals a 27-10 lead.