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Bengals Banter: Breaking Down The Recently Departed (Kind Of)

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+ Since Friday evening, factoring the players that went on roster exclusion lists and guys brought back to the team's practice squad, the Cincinnati Bengals only let 12 players leave. Seven from the 75-man roster returned to the practice squad, three were added to different roster exclusion lists, leaving 12 players to pack their bags. And of those 12 players, five found homes on another team's practice squad, or in Colin Cochart's case, the 53-man roster. Here are the players that found new homes over Labor Day weekend. [Note: We said five because Kashif Moore was on the Colts roster during final cuts, released from Cincinnati during the first round of cuts]

Player Team Roster
Colin Cochart Dallas Cowboys 53-Man [Link]
Kashif Moore Indianapolis Colts Practice Squad [Link]
James Develin New England Patriots Practice Squad [Link]
Vaughn Meatoga Oakland Raiders Practice Squad [Link]
T.J. Heath Buffalo Bills Practice Squad [Link]
Vidal Hazelton Tennessee Titans Practice Squad [Link]

The players currently not with another team from the Bengals 75-man roster includes Roddrick Muckelroy, Reggie Stephens, Matthew O'Donnell, Micah Johnson, DeQuin Evans, Nick Hayden and Grant Hunter.

+ The Bengals, like quiet predators masked in their environment, aren't the walking wounded that the preseason led so many to believe. Mostly every player returned to practice with the exception of Carlos Dunlap and Dre Kirkpatrick -- both of whom worked out on the side.

+ Former Bengals wide receiver Cris Collinsworth talks about the Cincinnati Bengals and their road back to the playoffs.

+ Jeff Faine was listed as the starting center on the Bengals updated depth chart.

+ The Fox Sports crew made their NFL predictions, one of whom selected Cincinnati as the division winner.