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Who Am I Trivia: Win Cincinnati Bengals Tickets

The contest: Who Am I
Your goal: Guess the name of the player.
The prize: Two regular season tickets to Bengals/Browns

The rules are simple: Starting with this post, which contains the first clue, we will provide an additional clue every hour, all accumulating to the final answer. Once you're confident in the answer, email the address If the answer is incorrect, that email address will be excluded from further guesses, so choose wisely. The clues will begin somewhat bland with increasing details to give stronger hints at the player. All participants are subject to official rules found here.

Here we go:

  1. "The Cincinnati Bengals were the first NFL team that I played for, but not the only team."
  2. "I've gone to multiple Pro Bowls and selected to a handful of First-Team All-Pro selection teams."

We will be giving updates on Twitter at