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Cincinnati Bengals Rank No. 5 With $15.2 Million Under The Salary Cap

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As the regular season approaches, teams will find that their salary cap number will be soon shifting slightly from the top 51 salaries, to eventually the entire 53-man roster, along with players on reserve lists (IR, PUP, suspensions, etc).

According to numbers released by Pro Football Talk on Tuesday, the Cincinnati Bengals ranked No. 5 with $15.2 million under the salary cap. At last report in early August, the Bengals were at $16.18 million under so we figure the biggest impact could be Jeff Faine's contract last week. Cincinnati has only trimmed their availability under the salary cap by $1.1 million since July 16.

The Jacksonville Jaguars ($28.7 million), Kansas City Chiefs ($26.6 million), Philadelphia Eagles ($20.2 million), Tennessee Titans ($17.0 million) and the Bengals round out the top five.

The Bengals have previously pointed out that they're going to need to sign players like Carlos Dunlap, Geno Atkins and Andre Smith to contract extensions, and possibly a handful of linebackers entering the final year under contract.