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We Have A Winner: Concluding Trivia Giveaway

It's over. We have a winner. Admittedly it caught me by surprise. We didn't offer that many clues yet, nor did we reveal the incorrect answers. The two clues that were posted were:

  1. "The Cincinnati Bengals were the first NFL team that I played for, but not the only team."
  2. "I've gone to multiple Pro Bowls and selected to a handful of First-Team All-Pro selection teams."

This generated a ton of Chad Johnson, Willie Anderson and Justin Smith responses. A handful of the remaining clues we had:

  • I hold multiple records for the Cincinnati Bengals organization.
  • I played my entire Cincinnati Bengals career with the original uniforms and classic "Bengals" helmet.
  • I once said during a contract dispute, "No cornerback in the league is better than I am, but a lot are getting paid better than I am."
  • I was selected in the seventh round of the NFL draft that I was drafted in.
  • I was known for playing more than one position on the team (the other on special teams).
  • I was known for playing alongside one of the top interception leaders in NFL history.

We had more in the pipe if we got to that point, but alas, we didn't.

The answer is Lemar Parrish. We got four correct responses, so the first submission became the winner.

We will hold another trivia contest in the near future giving away two tickets to Cincinnati's week five game against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, October 7. The next contest will likely run in the evening and be a hell of a lot more obscure.

Thanks to everyone that played and congratulations to the winner.