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Ravens Safety Bernard Pollard Puts A.J. Green On Notice

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You may remember Ravens safety Bernard Pollard as the Patriot killer. While playing with the Chiefs in 2008, he ended Tom Brady's season by tearing his knee up on a hit. In 2009, Pollard was involved in the Wes Welker torn ACL injury while playing with the Texans. During the playoffs last season, Pollard helped to sprain Rob Gronkowski's ankle. Needless to say, Pollard is an intimidating enforcer over the middle in the Ravens defense.

Pollard recently called out Bengals Pro Bowl receiver A.J. Green, warning him that going over the middle could cause Green some problems:

"I think A.J. Green is a really special talent," Pollard said. "The guy can go down the field, he can go across the middle. But, when he goes across the middle, he has to see us. And that’s not taking anything away from him, but this is what we live for. When we see receivers come across the middle, if we are in the right defense, we are going to smack you, and we are going to let you know that you came across the middle on the wrong team. Having said that if you miss him, he can hit a home run."

It is hard to fault Pollard for what he said. He did not say that he wanted to injure Green, but that he would hit him if he goes over the middle. Having said that, Pollard does have a track record, so Green should at least be on the look out. The Ravens probably would not be too depressed if they happened to "accidentally" knock Green out of the game.