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FORBES: Cincinnati Bengals $871 Million Valuation Ranks No. 27

Forbes released their annual NFL valuations and clearly Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys are dominating in the game of revenue brought in by owners. According to Forbes, the Cowboys "generated $500 million in total revenue" last season with an operating income of $227 million. The revenue is $120 million more than the second-most (Patriots) and over $100 million in operating income. The Cowboys are currently worth $2.1 billion. Here's the top five:

Team Current Value Revenue Operating Income
Cowboys $2.1 Billion $500 Million $226.7 Million
Patriots $1.635 Billion $380 Million $118.8 Million
Redskins $1.6 Billion $373 Million $109.0 Million
Giants $1.468 Billion $326 Million $59.0 Million
Texans $1.305 Billion $304 Million $61.9 Million

The Cincinnati Bengals on the other hand, are nothing compared to those teams. Their $871 million value ranks No. 27 in the NFL with $235 million revenue and an operating income of only $18.1 million (nine teams have a smaller operating income).

The Bengals gate receipts in 2011 (including club seats) amounted to only $41 million. Player expenses reached $145 million.

You can see the entire NFL list here.