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Join Pix Six Fantasy Football And See If You Can Reign Supreme At Cincy Jungle

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We did a FanShot on this but wanted to add a little more flavor. The Pick Six Fantasy Football game by SB Nation is a simple fantasy football weekly game. You're given a certain amount of money and your job is to pick six players; a quarterback, running back, wide receiver, tight end, kicker and wildcard (any of the five). The player with the most points wins for that week.

Now if you do join up, please pick Cincy Jungle as your league, so then you're all being punished by my prowess of awesome. The Pick Six closes as soon as the first game kicks off for that week, so you have until the kickoff of Tonight's regular season opener between the Giants and Cowboys. Otherwise you can't make submissions for the rest of week one.

Now click here to join and pick your six.