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Bengals Banter: AFC North Strength Of Schedule Heading Into The Regular Season

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+ According to a press release by the NFL, the Cincinnati Bengals are entering the 2012 regular season with a .500 strength of schedule, which ranks 14th in the NFL. The Browns have the third toughest schedule, with the Ravens at fourth and the Steelers at 17.

+ Cincinnati Bengals running back Bernard Scott won't play Monday against the Baltimore Ravens, leaving BenJarvus Green-Ellis to handle most of the team's rushing duties. Most of the comments were surprisingly negative against Scott, though it's hardly surprising. While I'm not going to judge a player based on his injury (a scenario that's rarely spoken with much detail to the media), there's a certain expectation/disappointment element with Scott.

+ From an NFL Press Release promoting kickoff weekend:

"Andy Dalton is focused on surpassing his accomplishments from a productive rookie season. Dalton led the Bengals to the playoffs and tied for the fourth-most touchdown passes (20) and the fifth-most passing yards (3,398) among rookies in NFL history. A second-round selection (No. 35 overall) in the 2011 NFL Draft, Dalton will continue to build chemistry with second-year wide receiver A.J. Green. Dalton and Green became the first rookie quarterback-wide receiver duo in NFL history with 3,000+ passing yards and 1,000+ receiving yards."

+ Make sure to give our Primer a look. We've been running them since 2006. Along with game information, there's some appetizers in there that will help satisfy until Cincinnati's Monday Night opener.

+ Five questions with rookie linebacker Vontaze Burfict from the Cincinnati Enquirer.

+ The television schedule for NFL games in week one.

+ Perhaps the most legendary Cincinnati Bengals player, Anthony Munoz, joined the twitter world. You can follow him @AnthonyMunozHOF.

+ The Cincinnati Bengals valuation released by Forbes is ranked No. 27.

+ Players are finally allowed to use Twitter again, thanks to a little relinquishing of control from Marvin Lewis who understands the connection it adds for the fans.

"I know it’s a great way to link to our fans, our season ticket holders and a lot of (the players) have things they’re responsible for trying to do for foundations, etc… I think it’s the right thing to do as long as they handle it the correct way and go about our business correctly. Social media is a great link to reach out to the fans, the season ticket holders and so forth both locally and nationally. We were able to come to that conclusion.

Have to wonder if the front office or the NFL asked for the ban to be lifted, again, adding to the NFL experience of fans interacting with players. Not that we're saying that's true, but we could see.

+ Ravens safety Bernard Pollard praised the talent of A.J. Green, but then issued a warning.

+ Cincinnati filled Bryce Davis' practice squad spot signing DeQuin Evans.

+ Teams with the best regular season record over the past 10 years (2002-2011):

New England 123 37 0 .769 8 4 2
Indianapolis 111 49 0 .694 9 2 1
Pittsburgh 105 54 1 .659 7 3 2
Philadelphia 99 60 1 .622 7 1 0
Green Bay 99 61 0 .619 7 1 1
San Diego 96 64 0 .600 5 0 0

The Cincinnati Bengals regular season record over the past 10 years (2002-2011):

Cincinnati 71 88 1 .447 3 0 0

+ The Dallas Cowboys released former Bengals tight end Colin Cochart.