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Question Of The Night: What Are Marvin Lewis' Greatest Strengths As Bengals Head Coach?

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Though it's a bit old news, Bengals Head Coach Marvin Lewis signed a recent contract extension with the club keeping him in Cincinnati through 2014. Any time a coach signs a contract extension such as this, it begs a couple of questions. The first usually is "what has the coach done to deserve this contract?", and the other usually points to what that particular coach's strengths are. This Open Thread will focus on the latter.

So, along with the poll where you vote for what you think Lewis' greatest trait is the Bengals head coach, we would like you to rank some traits of his, according to how high you feel they are on the list of Lewis' strengths. The list to choose from is as follows:


+Talent Evaluator

+Offensive Scheme Guru/Weekly Offensive Game Plan

+Defensive Scheme Guru/Weekly Defensive Game Plan

+In-Game Manager

+Internal Operations Manager/General Management

+Draft Mastery

+Persuader to Free Agents to sign (current players as well)

+"Players Coach"/Making Players Want To Play Hard For Him

+Other (specify)

Rate these from one to ten, with one being the strongest and ten being the weakest. If you can't think of an "other" trait, Just go one through nine.