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NFL Week One Games, Times And Channels In The Cincinnati Area

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There will be 26 NFL teams kicking off their respective regular seasons on Sunday and the Cincinnati Bengals aren't one of them. In fact this will be your last Sunday without a Cincinnati Bengals game until October 28, with the team playing six consecutive Sunday afternoon contests following Monday night's regular season opener until their week eight bye week.

So enjoy it. If you're in the Cincinnati market then you'll have four games available to you (unless you brag about your NFL Ticket prowess... jerk).

Colts at Bears Sunday, Sept 9 1:00 PM CBS Greg Gumbel, Dan Deirdorf
Eagles at Browns Sunday, Sept 9 1:00 PM FOX Dick Stockton, John Lynch
49ers at Packers Sunday, Sept 9 4:25 PM FOX Joe Buck, Troy Aikman
Steelers at Broncos Sunday, Sept 9 8:20 PM NBC Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth

Personally I'll probably focus on the Colts/Browns so we can get an early preview on next week's opponents before we go into national game mode with the 49ers/Packers and Steelers/Broncos.

We'll have an open thread on all of the day's action kicking off at noon.