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Buffalo Bills Reportedly Interested In Bengals Assistant Hue Jackson

The Buffalo Bills are looking for a new head coach and they're keeping their net wide.

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Despite Jay Gruden and Mike Zimmer being the popular Cincinnati-based candidates likely considered for head coaching jobs, the Bengals actually have a coach with head coaching experience (not named Marvin Lewis) that flirted with vacant positions within the college ranks earlier this month.

And his name is beginning to surface.

According to Mike Garafolo with the USA Today, Hue Jackson is beginning to generate some interest for the Buffalo Bills.

Another name bubbling up in the Bills' chase is former Oakland Raiders head coach Hue Jackson. One of the two people informed of the Whisenhunt and Horton interviews said the Bills are also interested in Jackson, an assistant coach with the Cincinnati Bengals. Per NFL rules, Jackson cannot interview until next week because the Bengals are preparing for Saturday's wild card game against the Houston Texans.

It's not made clear if Jackson is viewed as a head coaching candidate or offensive coordinator, but considering most head coaches pick their own coaches, we're assuming head coach.

Garafolo also mentions that Jackson could have a significant link in San Diego.

Jackson could also be a candidate for the San Diego Chargers' job if Jimmy Raye III is promoted to general manager there. Jackson and Raye's father, Jimmy Raye II, are friends who worked together on the Washington Redskins' staff in 2001.