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Jay Gruden "Hasn't Heard Anything" About Head Coaching Jobs

Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden hasn't been mentioned much for head coaching vacancies nor heard anything from those teams.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden isn't concerned about it. In fact when asked about the head coaching rumors, Gruden said that the Bengals "haven't played the best football offensively the last couple weeks. I'm just trying to keep my job here."

Funny, Jay.

Despite Gruden saying that one of the head coaching vacancies are the furthest thing from his mind, he admitted on Tuesday that he hasn't been contacted or heard anything -- teams can't interview coaches in the Wild Card game this weekend, but can still schedule them.

Yet our suspicions have been that Gruden remains an interesting prospect for teams employing young and inexperienced quarterbacks, citing Gruden's experience as an AFL head coach and work with Andy Dalton. We're not sure if that's enough though for an offensive coordinator that hasn't broken inside the top-20 yet.

As for Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer... (crickets).