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Houston Texans Starting Linebacker Brooks Reed Returns To Practice On Tuesday

Reed is a strong pass rusher that's missed several games due to a Thanksgiving groin injury against the Lions.


Houston Texans starting outside linebacker Brooks Reed, who has 18 quarterback hurries this season and generally a strong run defender (according to Pro Football Focus), returned to practice on Tuesday after suffering a groin injury against the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving Day. He returned against the Vikings in Week 16 but was inactive against the Colts last weekend.

Though Texans head coach Gary Kubiak is hesitant to offer much in projections for Saturday, defensive end J.J. Watt is enthusiastic.

"It's great to have Brooks back," Watt said. "We have good chemistry. It's good to have him out there as a pass rusher and as a run player. He's a very good player, a lot of intensity, and it's going to be nice to have him out there."

Cornerback Alan Ball (two touchdowns allowed, 115.8 opposing passer rating) also returned to practice on Tuesday after dealing with a foot injury throughout much of December.