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Cleveland Browns Have Michael Lombardi "In The Fold", According To Sources

Per multiple reports, Michael Lombardi will be returning to the NFL with the Cleveland Browns after a long hiatus and stint as a broadcaster. His role is yet to be determined.

When new Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam took over the team a few months ago, many correctly assumed that he would do some massive housecleaning--especially after another dismal season. Personnel man Mike Holmgren and head coach Pat Shurmur were among the casualties, leaving significant voids in some key roles in the franchise. Though the Browns interviewed Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer for the open head coaching spot, but they opted for former Carolina Panthers offensive coordinator, Rob Chudzinski instead.

As for the role left vacant by Holmgren, reports (including one from SB Nation's and Cincy Jungle's Jason Garrison) have Michael Lombardi "in the fold" with the Browns, leaving only his true title to be determined. It's likely that Lombardi will be overseeing the player personnel decisions, either by taking the role as Director of Player Personnel or President, which was Holmgren's previous position. The Browns have yet to confirm the report on Lombardi joining the team at this point.

Lombardi has had experience with the Eagles, Rams, and 49ers. If he were to join the Browns, it would be his second stint with the club--his first was during Cleveland's Bill Belichick era in the mid-1990s.