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Pro Football Hall Of Fame Finalists Includes Warren Sapp, Art Modell

For yet another year, Bengals fans will know that the only representative of their favorite team enshrined in the NFL Hall of Fame is Anthony Muñoz


The NFL Hall of Fame has announced their 17 finalists for the Class of 2013. While Bengals fans have rallied and hoped that past quarterback Ken Anderson would eventually make it to Canton, and many still believe that he eventually will, it won't be this year.

The 2013 NFL Hall of Fame finalists are as follows:

  • guard Larry Allen (Cowboys, 49ers)
  • running back Jerome Bettis (Rams, Steelers)
  • wide receiver Tim Brown (Raiders, Buccaneers)
  • wide receiver Cris Carter (Eagles, Vikings, Dolphins)
  • defensive tackle Curley Culp (Chiefs, Oilers, Lions)
  • owner Edward J. Debartolo Jr. (49ers)
  • defensive end Kevin Green (Rams, Steelers, Panthers, 49ers)
  • defensive end Charles Haley (49ers, Cowboys)
  • owner Art Modell (Browns, Ravens)
  • tackle Jonathan Ogden (Ravens)
  • coach Bill Parcells (Giants, Patriots, Jets, Cowboys)
  • wide receiver Andre Reed (Bills, Redskins)
  • linebacker Dave Robinson (Packers, Redskins)
  • defensive tackle Warren Sapp (Buccaneers, Raiders)
  • guard Will Shieds (Chiefs)
  • defensive end Michael Strahan (Giants)
  • defensive back Aeneas Williams (Cardinals, Rams)

All of these players, coaches and owners are very deserving of a spot in Canton, but, as we've said a million times, so is Ken Anderson. I'm sure his day will come, though. Which of these players do you believe will get in and which ones do you think will have to wait for another season?