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NFL Head Coaching Search: Eagles Interviewing Brian Kelly This Weekend

Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden is scheduled to interview with the Eagles on Monday, which is after Brian Kelly's interview this weekend.


According to ESPN the Philadelphia Eagles and Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly are expected to meet for a second time this weekend, following the first meet-and-greet from Tuesday, one day after Notre Dame's 42-14 loss in the BCS championship game.

Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden is expected to meet with the Eagles on Monday, so if Kelly and the Eagles come to an agreement, Gruden could have one less team by the time Monday rolls around. Gruden interviewed with the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday with a scheduled interview in San Diego.

Many suspect that Kelly is generating interest in the NFL mainly to drag Notre Dame into an extension. That's an inherent risk because NFL teams may disregard the seriousness of a potential college head coach for consideration, knowing that the tact is largely compensatory by nature for an indirect request to receive an extension from his college team. For the second consecutive year, Oregon head coach Chip Kelly played with multiple NFL teams, deciding to return and wasting their time with pointless courting.