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Jacksonville Jaguars Will Interview Jay Gruden For Head Coaching Vacancy

Jay Gruden has an interview with his fourth team scheduled, with the Cardinals already in the books and planned meetings with the Eagles, Chargers and now Jaguars on tap.

The head coaching tour continues for Jay Gruden. According to Jason La Canfora with, Gruden will talk with the Jacksonville Jaguars at an unspecified date.

This time last year the Jaguars were interested in Jay Gruden, who successfully implemented an entirely new offensive philosophy with a rookie quarterback and without the benefit of an offseason due to the NFL lockout. It peaked people's interest. And despite Gruden reportedly telling Jacksonville that he was interested, no confirmed interview took place and Gruden denied any contact with the Jaguars. Eventually Gruden cited family as his biggest reason for staying with a note that he didn't feel ready to take on the top coaching job.

Gruden has deep ties in Florida, specifically the Orlando region where he spent roughly ten years as either the head coach or the quarterback for the AFL's Orlando Predators, which plays roughly 130-140 miles from Jacksonville. Before being hired by the Cincinnati Bengals as the offensive coordinator, Gruden spent another two seasons as the head coach for the UFL's Florida Tuskers and somewhere along the way he spent another seven seasons on Jon Gruden's staff with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

This makes four teams currently interested in Gruden, with an interview already completed in Arizona with scheduled meet-and-greet sessions scheduled for the Chargers, Eagles and Jaguars.

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