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Chargers GM Tom Telesco Holds Jay Gruden In High Regard

According to one report, Chargers general manager Tom Telesco, likes Jay Gruden and could emerge as a favorite for the San Diego Chargers.

Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden is one of those sexy coordinators this this offseason, with four of the five teams still looking for a head coach having interviewed or scheduled one. One of those teams, the San Diego Chargers, will reportedly interview Gruden soon, though no date has been defined publicly.

The interest from the Chargers stems from the team's newest general manager in Tom Telesco, who was a Director of Player Personnel with the Indianapolis Colts last year when the team offered Gruden the job that eventually went to head coach Chuck Pagano. Dan Pompei with the National Football Post writes:

Jay Gruden could emerge for the Chargers head coaching job. Why is that? New general manager Tom Telesco is said to hold Gruden in high regard. Telesco got to know about Gruden last year when Gruden was a candidate for the Colts head coaching job. The Colts, remember, offered Gruden the job that went to Chuck Pagano, and Gruden said no thanks.

At this point we're convinced that if Gruden returns, it will be by his choice. Not because someone doesn't offer him the job.