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Cincinnati Bengals Players Entering A Contract Year In 2013

The Cincinnati Bengals have a handful of players entering a contract year in 2013. Who are they?

Gregory Shamus

Teams will always look to extend their best players and that usually takes place a year prior to their contract expiring. This philosophy removes the idea of unnecessary distraction from a player's mind and the team's sleeping patterns.

Two of the Cincinnati Bengals best pass rushers enter 2013 playing the final year of their respective four-year rookie contracts. With a projected and reported $55.1 million under the 2013 salary cap, it's believed that the Bengals will make every effort. And there really isn't any excuse for this team to finally invest in a long-term solution with this defense that doesn't include post-prime veteran players. If the Bengals desire to sustain the success they enjoyed in 2011 and 2012, they have to finally commit to their best players, especially on defense.

That being said, Bengals players entering the final year of their respective deals in 2013.

POS. PLAYER GAMES '13 Base Salary
DT Geno Atkins 48 $575,000 Leads team with 23.0 sacks in three-year span.
DE Carlos Dunlap 38 $575,000 Tied with Michael Johnson for second on the team with 20.0 sacks in three-year span.
OT Anthony Collins 44 $1.8 Million Backup offensive tackle with starting experience.
S Taylor Mays 16 $575,000 Projected starter that turned into a special teams specialist.
FB Chris Pressley 33 $900,000 Primary fullback in 2011 and 2012.
CB Brandon Ghee 13 $630,000 Oft-injured who has only played 13 defensive snaps in his career.
DE Jamaal Anderson 2 $2.5 Million Suffered season-ending injury after only two games in 2012.
CB Jason Allen 4 $3.0 Million Oft-injured and mostly inactive during his first-year in Cincinnati.
FB John Conner 2 $630,000 Late 2012 signing to replace the injured Pressley.
WR Dan Sanzenbacher 0 $555,000 Late waiver pickup, didn't play a game for the Bengals in 2012.