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NFC Championship 2013: San Francisco at Atlanta Falcons

The NFC Championship game is set for next week, with the Atlanta Falcons hosting the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday.

Mike Ehrmann

Game Date/Time: Sunday, Jan. 20, 3 p.m. ET
Location: Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA
TV Schedule: FOX

Save for the platforms that thrive on quarterback controversy debates, some may not have been familiar with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. After generating 444 yards of total offense (263 yards passing, 181 yards rushing) and four touchdowns (two rushing) during San Francisco's 45-31 win over the Green Bay Packers, people are. And if people remain unfamiliar, just wait for what's bound to be an oversaturation of attention regarding the second-year quarterback.

It was unthinkable that Sunday's NFC Divisional game between the Seattle Seahawks and Atlanta Falcons would even compare, much less rise above the 49ers performance. But it did.

After the Atlanta Falcons jumped out to a 20-0 half time lead, the Seattle Seahawks strung together three consecutive touchdown drives covering 222 yards starting with the third quarter, reducing Atlanta's lead to six points with over nine minutes remaining in the game. Seattle eventually took the lead with 31 seconds remaining in the game after Marshawn Lynch touchdown powered the football up the gut, just after his 24-yard sprint on a reception during a third-and-five.

Yet it wasn't over. Not by a long shot.

Matt Ryan, from the Falcons 28-yard line, used the middle of the field pushing Atlanta's offense to midfield with 19 seconds remaining and one timeout, nailing Hall of Fame tight end Tony Gonzalez over the middle for 19 yards, reaching the 38-yard line. Matt Bryant converted the 49-yard field goal with 13 seconds remaining to eventually win the game 30-28.

The last time the Falcons and 49ers met was Week Four in 2010, with the Falcons beating San Francisco 16-14 on three Matt Bryant field goals.

The NFC Championship game is set.