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Implications Of Bears New Head Coach And Arizona's Interest In Bruce Arians

The Jay Gruden storyline is slowly closing as teams began hiring their newest head coaches. Where does that leave Gruden on Wednesday?


+ The Chicago Bears reportedly hired Canadian Football League head coach Marc Trestman as their next head coach, which isn't drawing the warmest reactions. You fire Lovie Smith after a relatively successful run with the team, for a coach that hasn't coached in the NFL for ten years, last with the Oakland Raiders in 2003.

Directly the impact with Jay Gruden is minor.

The Bears never indicated any interest with Cincinnati's offensive coordinator and of the five vacancies this week, Chicago was the only team that didn't schedule an interview.

But there is an impact.

According to reports the Arizona Cardinals requested permission to interview Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians. The Cardinals were the first team that Gruden interviewed during his rock star head coaching tour last week. As of this posting, there are three openings remaining with Gruden having interviewed at each -- the Cardinals, Eagles and Jaguars.