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Implications For Jay Gruden With Chip Kelly Reportedly Becoming Eagles Next Head Coach

Oregon head coach Chip Kelly changed his mind. He's joining the NFL after reports surfaced on Wednesday that he's becoming the new head coach with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Jonathan Ferrey

A rather unexpected thing happened.

ESPN NFL Insider Chris Mortensen tweeted on Wednesday (somewhat out of the blue) that Oregon head coach Chip Kelly is the new Philadelphia Eagles head coach. Fox Sports NFL Insider Jay Glazer, NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport confirmed it, as did Mike Freeman with who added that Kelly got a large amount of personnel say.

For a flavor closer to home, what does this mean?

Offensive coordinator Jay Gruden is down to two. Though he interviewed with the Eagles on Monday, it didn't seem that he was a serious candidate, leaving open two possibilities -- especially after Wednesday's news.

There's the Arizona Cardinals, where he interviewed last Thursday. However reports stated that if Arizona couldn't obtain Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy, current defensive coordinator Ray Horton would be their backup plan. McCoy signed with the San Diego Chargers on Tuesday.

Jacksonville is the most logical prediction if Gruden leaves Cincinnati due to his long standing connections in Florida -- though as we've said several times this month (and last), if we're betting the house, we'd still put it on Cincinnati.