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What Andre Smith Could Expect Based On Precedence

Andre Smith was freed Friday morning after being arrested on Thursday for taking a handgun to an airport, of which those "familiar with the case" claim that Smith had no knowledge of the handgun being in his belongings.

If this seems vaguely familiar with someone else in the NFL doing something similar, you'd be right. What's the precedence on something like this? Writes Joe Reedy with the Cincinnati Enquirer:

Former Browns defensive tackle Shaun Rogers was fined but not suspended by the league in 2010 for a loaded handgun in his bag at a Cleveland airport. This would be Smith's first incident where he has run afoul of the personal conduct policy.

Rogers was fined one game check. Legally he was required to complete a 10-hour weapons course and 40 hours of community service, of which his felony charges would be dropped.