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No Hue For You: Dallas Cowboys Give Play-Calling Duties To Bill Callahan

The Dallas Cowboys decided on their play-caller in 2013, removing the title from their head coach and giving it to the offensive coordinator.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

At one point supposed speculation existed that the Dallas Cowboys could look outside the organization for a new play-caller, removing those duties from head coach Jason Garrett. And one of those supposed play-callers outside of the organization included Bengals assistant coach Hue Jackson in idle conjecture.

There's nothing to it.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones confirmed to that play-calling duties have been stripped from Garrett and given to offensive coordinator and line coach Bill Callahan, who is in the news on Tuesday for other reasons.

Jackson is one a one-year deal, which expires next month, but we assume that if he can't find a promotion, he'll stick around in Cincinnati for another season. We made the argument on Monday that Cincinnati should create a new title of passing game coordinator for Jackson, applying to his history as an offensive coach with experience working alongside quarterbacks and wide receivers.