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The Saga Continues: Sarah Jones Files Defamation Lawsuit

There is no shortage of drama in the NFL and now that the Bengals season is over and the Super Bowl schedule and teams are set, there's no reason not to talk about something that literally doesn't matter at all.

Raise your hands if you don't care about Sarah Jones!
Raise your hands if you don't care about Sarah Jones!

Let's take a trip back for a second.

  • Sarah Jones is a Bengals cheerleader
  • Sarah Jones is also a high school teacher
  • Sarah Jones has some awful things written about her by
  • Sarah Jones takes legal action to have the awful things removed from the site
  • News breaks that Sarah Jones was sleeping with a former student
  • Sarah Jones denies the news
  • Sarah Jones admits to the news
  • Rumors swirl that Sarah Jones is going to have a reality show with her high-school aged boyfriend
  • Sarah Jones now files defamation lawsuit against
  • The main point I want you to take away from this is NOBODY CARES ANYMORE......
  • ...... but the season's over, so.....

Yeah, Sarah Jones is filing a defamation suit against the website and company that published lewd comments about the former Bengals cheerleader before the reports ever surfaced that she was having sex with a minor and a student, according to CBS News. Jones is reportedly seeking $11 million in damages from the site and it's owner, Hooman Karamian, who also goes by Nik Richie online.

I really, really, really hope this is the last update that we throw in your face, but I'm beginning to doubt it. The moral of the story, though, is that you can break the law by sleeping with a child, but if somebody says something that "defames your already less-than-stellar character" you can be a millionaire.