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Hue Jackson Denies Being Contacted By The Dallas Cowboys

Bengals assistant coach Hue Jackson remains in the news as he denies any contact with the Dallas Cowboys.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Despite reporting that the Dallas Cowboys "have held discussions" with Hue Jackson, the assistant Bengals coach denied that he had been contacted on Fox Sports Radio with Artrell Hawkins.

Keep in mind that this might be an effort to protect Dallas. If the Cowboys have held discussions and contacted Jackson without Cincinnati's permission, the Bengals could file tampering charges against Dallas. Not that it really matters when most teams talk to potential free agents who are still under contract with their current team.

On the other hand, maybe he really hasn't been contacted. Head coach Marvin Lewis told Ian Rapoport with the NFL Network on Tuesday that Dallas hasn't contacted the Bengals for permission to speak with Jackson.