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Offseason Tournament Ideas: What Would You Like To Vote On?

A couple of years ago we had an offseason tournament to determine the best football movie ever made. We're looking to do something similar this offseason.

Many of you were around a couple years ago and probably remember the tournament we had in the offseason to vote on the best football movie ever made. In the end, Any Given Sunday ended up edging out The Waterboy in the finals to be crowned the best football movie. If you weren't around, here was the final matchup so you know what we're talking about here. Also, you can see the final bracket here.

We're looking to have a similar tournament this offseason, but we're unsure what to vote on. While a rematch of the greatest football movies of all time may be fun, it wouldn't be bad to do something new.

So, Bengals fans, what would you like to vote on this offseason? Put your ideas in the comments section and we'll pick the best ones and let you vote on them later on. Then, when the season comes to an end, we'll get started.