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Bengals Super Bowl Memory: The Tim Krumrie Injury

We're going down memory lane from now until the Super Bowl, bringing up Super Bowl memories that the Cincinnati Bengals played over the years. All two of 'em.

Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

Tim Krumrie will always be known to people as the player that unsettled so many stomachs during Super Bowl XXIII, suffering two breaks in his tibia and another in his fibula. But Krumrie personified a level of toughness difficult to find in today's game. Refusing to go to the hospital after being taken off the field, Krumrie planted himself in the locker room, cheering his teammates. At one point it seemed like he'd be celebrating with his Bengals bros while wenches filled wooden steins with endless amounts of mead. You know, just like how we imagined they celebrated after wins when we were children.

Eventually paramedics convinced Krumrie that if he doesn't get to the hospital soon his mangled leg could cause him to go into shock. There was little worry that the injury was life-threatening; not because the injury wasn't serious, we're just not sure if death would risk facing Krumrie in the emotional state he was in. We're pretty sure that if Krumrie were sent as a peace ambassador to Syria, it would be the safest country on Earth within six days.

Doctors placed a 15-inch steel rod into his leg and returned in time for the start of the 1989 regular season, allowing him to continue his games played streak which would end in 1994 at 122 games. That's right. In the middle of his games played streak, he broke the crap out of his leg, had a steel rod implanted, tied up his cleats and asked Chuck Norris to step aside. Chuck complied.