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Bengals Season Tickets Sales Top 1,000 Since New Prices Announced

For the second straight season, Bengals season ticket prices have dropped, prompting thousands of fans to flock to their computers and buy tickets.

Joe Robbins

The Bengals announced that more than 1,000 season tickets for the 2013 season have been sold to new subscribers since they've lowered the season ticket prices in certain sections just over a week ago. The team has reduced prices in 20 sections throughout the stadium. Sections that sold season tickets for $50 last season are now going for $40 and some that were sold for $60 are now being sold for $50.

"It's an encouraging start toward our goal of maximizing homefield advantage by selling out every game in 2013," said ticket sales manager Andrew Brown. "We are getting particularly heavy volume in the new $40 and $50 sections, but response is good across the board, and there are still good locations remaining on all three levels of the stadium."

What may be prompting Bengals fans to buy season tickets so quickly, though, is more the fact that the team has gone to the playoffs in two consecutive years with a crop of young and talented players. The promise of a team that is only going to get better is likely more of a factor in coaxing fans to empty their pockets than lowering prices. However, making prices lower and giving fans an easier time affording a fun Sunday of football can't hurt.

All of this is prompting us to ask the question: What happened to the Bengals front office?