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Landscape for Cincinnati Sports Radio Changes (But Not Really)

Cincinnati isn't without their local sports radio, but things have changed a little.

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Patrick Smith

With all due respect to those that take on the profession, if I were in radio my nerves would be frayed. Every time we turn around, someone is getting fired or a radio station is closing its doors. Now it doesn't always affect sports radio as much as it did (remember the Two Angry Guys?), but the sports landscape is once again changing on local radio.

Real Talk 1160 (WQRT-AM) fired their entire staff on Wednesday, writes TV and Media blogger John Kiesewetter with the Cincinnati Enquirer.

“Real Talk 1160″ WQRT-AM fired its local staff today after Dean Miuccio finished his “Cincinnality” morning show. Also gone are newsman T.C. Summers, and afternoon sports hosts Dennis “Wildman” Walker (3-5 p.m.) and Jeff Piecoro (5-7 p.m.). They will be replaced by syndicated shows through Monday. The station will go dark — go off the air — after the Notre Dame football game Monday night. A new format will debut Feb. 1.

One of the reasons is that Cincinnati has a new sports radio station on WCFN (100.3 FM), called the Cincinnati Fan. Tom Gamble, one of the original Angry Guys, helped launch the new station Thursday morning, which includes programming from the CBS Sports Radio Network.

One falls, another rises. And WLW and ESPN 1530 will continue to dominate.