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NFL Power Rankings: Andy Reid Is Close To Becoming A Head Coach For... Everyone!

The regular season is over and the NFL Power Rankings closes with its final one of the year.


It only makes sense that a team making the postseason is ranked inside the Top 10 -- at least the average among the power rankings that we follow. Brian Billick gave Cincinnati a No. 7 score, whereas ESPN and the Associate Press, angry corporate America throwing lightning strikes at our little party, pushed the Bengals outside the top-ten. Then we realized, we don't really care.

SB Nation 9 10 8 8
CBS Sports (Pete Prisco) 8 8
ESPN 11 11
Fox Sports (Brian Billick) 7 11
Pro Football Talk 9 10
Pro Football Weekly 9 10
Associated Press 12 11
AVG. 9.1 9.9