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Bobbie Williams Still Has Cincinnati In His Heart

Former Cincinnati Bengals offensive guard Bobbie Williams is getting ready to play in the Super Bowl this Sunday and spent some time talking about his time in Cincinnati.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If there's one thing we can celebrate during a Super Bowl between two teams that Cincinnati Bengals fans could care less about, it's that former Bengals offensive guard Bobbie Williams is finally getting an opportunity to play in the big game. You can't do it because he's playing for the Baltimore Ravens? I feel you. But it highlights the theme of family.

"I have to give credit to the Brown (family). Mike Brown. Katie (Blackburn). For the whole organization," Williams told "There was nothing but respect and care. It wasn't even about the player, but the person that I was and I thank the Browns for that. Awesome organization and awesome people. Cincinnati treated me well my eight years there. I can't say one bad thing about it. Seriously."

"In Cincinnati, my friends, family and church home is still there. Baltimore has been an extension of family," Williams said via the Cincinnati Enquirer.

The ideal of family remains strong, especially with the offensive line. Williams is planning to have dinner with Andrew Whitworth (native to New Orleans) and Kyle Cook at some point this week. And that's not when he's bantering between former coaches and teammates, writes Hobson.

The texts have been coming fast and furious from the 513. Bengals offensive line coach Paul Alexander sent congratulations before they started needling each other. Williams threatened to send pictures back and Alexander told him not to dare. Last week, Williams and Whitworth traded congratulatory missives, Williams for the Super Bowl and Whitworth for his first Pro Bowl. With Whitworth, a native Louisianan expected here this week, Williams says he plans to eat dinner with him and center Kyle Cook one night.

There's the caveat. If you hate both teams, at least you can hope that Williams gets a Super Bowl snap and maybe even a ring, per Joe Reedy with the Cincinnati Enquirer.

"You know what, words can’t describe it. I’m thankful. It has been 13 long years but 13 years worth it,” Williams said during Tuesday’s media day at the Superdome.