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OPEN THREAD QUESTIONS: Hue Jackson, Reggie Bush, Media Day

We haven't opened the site for general discussions so we set the stage with some questions; the more relevant being the purpose and need for media day.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

We haven't offered up an open thread for some time, so we wanted to get one posted for random musings, current stories and whatever else is on your plate.

What is your impression of Hue Jackson becoming the team's newest running backs coach?

Do you believe that the team could make a run for Reggie Bush, who is expected to become a free agent? And would you be alright with that?

A thought rattling in my head is that I believe media day is an archaic idea that offers little to the game and actually puts players in a position to make bone-headed comments. Do you care for media day? And how much do you care for coverage of the Super Bowl at Cincy Jungle? Would you have liked more? Or are you good with things?