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Chip Kelly Close To Becoming The Newest Cleveland Browns Head Coach

The Cincinnati Bengals are heading to Houston while Chip Kelly is enjoying... well, visiting Cleveland.


The Cleveland Browns may have a head coach soon.

According to reports, Oregon head coach Chip Kelly is close to signing a deal that would make him the next Cleveland Browns head coach. According to Mary Kay Cabot with the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Browns and Kelly have been meeting with hours and according to Albert Breer with the NFL Network, the Browns "are prepared to open the vault for Chip Kelly."

Since we're fairly confident that the height of your concern regarding the Cleveland Browns is intra-divisional only, where does this leave the Cincinnati Bengals coaching staff?

If Kelly signs with the Browns and with Andy Reid agreeing to become the next Kansas City Chiefs head coach, that leaves five openings in Buffalo, San Diego, Philadelphia, Chicago and Arizona. Names like Lovie Smith (favored in Buffalo), Jon Gruden (favored in Philadelphia) are still out there.

Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy, Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator are also generating plenty of interest, especially with Falcons offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter signing a two-year extension to stay in Atlanta.

The only known link between the Bengals and any of those openings was "gathering information" stage for offensive coordinator Jay Gruden.

More and more it looks like Cincinnati will keep their coordinators; though Hue Jackson is out there as an available offensive coordinator.