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OPEN THREAD: Cincinnati Bengals at Houston Texans

The Cincinnati Bengals open the 2012 playoff weekend for the NFL in a rematch against the Houston Texans.

John Grieshop

For the second year in a row, the Bengals will take on the Texans in Houston in the first round of the playoffs. While the Texans may be slightly favored by oddsmakers, the momentum seems to rest with the Bengals, who have won seven of their last eight regular-season games. Many analysts believe that the Bengals will walk away victorious after a post-season game for the first time since 1990.

Both teams boast incredible defenses, each with their own super stars: J.J. Watt for the Texans and Geno Atkins for the Bengals. Both are incredible at rushing the opposing quarterback and playing against the run. On the offensive side, we'll see Andy Dalton, BenJarvus Green-Ellis and A.J. Green versus Matt Schaub, Arian Foster and Andre Johnson. The 10-6 2012 Bengals didn't back their way into the playoffs the way the 2011 team did; this time they earned their spot. They are more prepared to take on the Texans than they were last year and hopefully they can show us by keeping their Super Bowl hopes alive.

Here is some game information:

Game: Cincinnati Bengals (10-6) at Houston Texans (12-4)
Time: 4:25 PM (ET)
Location: Reliant Stadium
Series Leader: Series tied, 3-3
Streak: Texans have won the past three
Coaches vs. Opponent: Lewis: 2-4. Kubiak: 4-0
Broadcast: NBC (4:30 PM ET): Dan Hicks, Mike Mayock, Alex Flanagan (Field reporter). Dial Global Radio: Tom McCarthy, Tony Boselli, Steve Tasker (Field reporter). SIRIUS: 88 (DGR), 92 (Cincinnati), 86 (Houston). XM: 88 (DGR), 225 (Cincinnati), 226 (Houston).
SB Nation: Battle Red Blog Game Center
Weather: 53 degrees and party cloudy [Weather Underground]
Uniform: White