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Bengals Nonexistent Passing Game Shows Up Early Against The Texans

We've known a secret for a while now.

The Cincinnati Bengals passing game isn't very good. During the first five called passes against the Houston Texans, Dalton has dropped back five times. The first was a bad drop by Jermaine Gresham on second down during Cincinnati's opening possession. Houston forced a third down incomplete on a nice play involving another attempted Gresham reception.

After Houston took a 3-0 lead and following BenJarvus Green-Ellis' 29-yard sprint off the right side, Dalton is forced to scramble on first down, followed by a Conner Barwin destroying a screen pass to Green-Ellis for a six-yard loss. The possession ends after J.J. Watt sacked Dalton for a nine-yard loss, forcing the Bengals to punt.

Dalton's stat line in the first quarter is one completion on three attempts for -6 yards passing.