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Texans March Downfield; Regain Lead On Graham Field Goal

The Bengals' defense has played well, but haven't brought they "A Game". After a Leon Hall pick six, the Texans responded well with another extended drive that ended in yet another field goal. Matt Schaub picked apart the Bengals defense with some nice runs by Arian Foster sprinkled into the mix.

Although the Texans offense keep marching, the Cincinnati defense has decided to flex its muscle when their backs are up against the wall. After three quality drives by Houston, the Bengals have forced three Shayne Graham field goals. Regardless of the Bengals defense holding strong when it needed to, the lack of a strong pass rush has to be alarming.

The Bengals offense will need to start towing the line after an absolutely horrible first half. The only highlights were two good runs by BenJarvus Green-Ellis. Houston currently leads Cincinnati, 9-7.