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A.J. Green Shows Up And Bengals Offense Finally Scores

The Bengals finally remembered that A.J. Green is on the team and they decided that they should get him involved. Subsequently, they scored their first offensive points.

Bob Levey

The Bengals offense finally put some points on the board and it came on the first drive that star wide receiver A.J. Green was involved. After being awful throughout the majority of the game, the Bengals offense finally came out on the field with something to prove. Right away, Andy Dalton connected with Pro Bowl wide receiver A.J. Green and never looked back.

The Bengals able to march the ball down the field 64 yards, mostly thanks to a long pass from Dalton to Green for 45 yards. Eventually the drive stalled after the ball was knocked out of Dalton's hands on a third down, which was ruled an incomplete pass even after a Houston challenge that it was a fumble. Josh Brown then came on the field and kicked a field goal, giving the team's offense their first three points of the game and narrowing the Texans lead to 16-10.

The Bengals are now very much in the game again, but the offense will need to build on their last drive. What they can't do is slump right back down to where they were in the first half, or any time before this last drive.