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Buffalo Bills Agree To Terms With Syracuse Coach Doug Marrone

The Bengals coordinators as head coaching candidates is squeezing to a close with each new hire.

Chris McGrath

We're not sure if people wouldn't say sayonara if Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden were offered one of the vacant head coaching positions. Two teams have been linked to Gruden at this point, from the Philadelphia Eagles asking for permissions this weekend to the Buffalo Bills information gathering last week.

Scratch the Bills from the list.

According to multiple reports, first by ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter, the Bills hired Syracuse head coach Doug Marrone early Sunday morning. Marrone is a seven-year veteran in the NFL, having spent four years in New York as the Jets offensive line coach and three as the New Orleans Saints offensive coordinator from 2006-2008.

That leaves the Eagles as the remaining connection to Gruden. Philadelphia spent mostly the entire day with Chip Kelly, who is also the primary candidate in Cleveland.