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Describe The 2012 Cincinnati Bengals In One Word

We're going to play a little game with you--the readers. Leave your one word to describe the 2012 Bengals and sound off on why you chose that word.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Seeing as how spirits from Bengals Nation are a bit dampened right now, we decided to put on a little game for you all to play. If you've heard the nationally-syndicated ESPN Radio program, "Coach and Company" with Jonathan Coachman, then you know the segment they run called "One Word". They take pertinent sports topics of the day and describe the situation in, well, one word.

We're going to play a similar game with you, the faithful Bengals fans. Using one word, describe the 2012 Bengals squad and/or season (since it's now ended) and then leave a brief explanation as to why you chose that word, if you'd like. Should make for an interesting discussion, no?

I'll kick it off with my own: "streaky". The team and its individual players were very streaky throughout the season, enduring both winning and losing streaks. We saw great things from players like Andy Dalton, A.J. Green, BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Jermaine Gresham, Carlos Dunlap and Michael Johnson at times, but we also saw them disappear in crucial situations.

What's your "one word" to describe the 2012 Bengals and their season?