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Mike Zimmer With The Cleveland Browns Took Place On Wednesday

The Cincinnati Bengals could lose their defensive coordinator as the story continues with interest from other teams.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Brooding coaches and bewildered sports writers no longer brooded and bewildered after Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer was finally mentioned for one of the head coaching vacancies on a busy Zimmer-focused Wednesday. San Diego has interest, the Cleveland Browns had scheduled an interview.

And that interview has already happened.

According to Browns beat writer Mary Kay Cabot with the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Zimmer met with the Browns on Wednesday.

Some are speculating that if Zimmer gets a job as a head coach, either with the Browns or the interested San Diego Chargers, Hue Jackson and linebackers coach Paul Guenther could follow as the offensive and defensive coordinator respectively.

Jackson, sure. We believe he's under a one-year deal.

But if Guenther is under contract, there's a high probability that the Bengals won't let him out of his contract. Call them meanies if you want. Not only would they lose Zimmer, they'd lose their linebackers coach in the same offseason. And frankly I don't see Zimmer forcing the Bengals into that position.