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NFL Power Rankings week 5 - It's Denver and everyone else

I take a stab on how I think the power lies in the NFL. Feel free to let me know how you disagree.

Larry French

Every week this season there have been a ton of surprises. I mean, who thought the Dolphins would be 3-1? Who thought the Chiefs would still be undefeated? (I did!)

But the rankings keep going, and each week they make a tiny bit more sense. The Broncos have separated themselves from every other team in the league with an offense that is clicking on all cylinders. The Seahawks showed their moxy coming from behind on the road for a big overtime win.

The Steelers stink.

With teams like the Dolphins and Lions I am still not sure what to make of them.

Team Record Rank Reason Previous Ranking
Broncos 4-0 1 Undisputed best team in the league. Manning is playing better than ever and the offense is a well oiled machine 1
Seahawks 4-0 2 Looked to be bested in Houston but pulled it together for a big road comeback win 2
Saints 4-0 3 No game on Monday night, Drew Brees tossed for 400 yds in what looked to be an easy win against an undefeated team 4
Chiefs 4-0 4 The Chiefs are just beating teams by 24 points, that is all. This defense is awesome. 5
Patriots 4-0 5 The first two weeks they struggled, now they look to be taking stride. 7
Bears 3-1 6 Seemed like a letdown game. How did this defense allow 40 points? 3
Texans 2-2 7 If this team can put it together, they will be dangerous. They should have beat Seattle this weekend 9
Dolphins 3-1 8 Got handled by the saints, but the Dolphins are better than they showed in Monday night. 8
Lions 3-1 9 Reggie Bush is everything the fans hoped for, it is the rest of the team that needs to put together a complete game. 13
Cowboys 2-2 10 Tony Romo continues to play above average for a team that will probably hover around average 11
Colts 3-1 11 Playing Jacksonville should count as a bye week 12
Titans 3-1 12 Jake Locker is hurt, this is a skin of the teeth 3 win team that may be looking at a rough road due to injuries 17
Bengals 2-2 13

ugh, we have seen this before. My man Josh sums it up perfectly:

Packers 1-2 14 After a bye do they right the ship? There are a lot of questions about finishing with this team 10
49ers 2-2 15 inconsistent is how I describe this team. Not sure what we have in the 49ers this season 14
Ravens 2-2 16 Losses to Denver and Buffalo, wins against Cleveland and Houston. Another team with giant question marks. 15
Falcons 1-3 17 This defense is so bad, even Matt Ryan at 100% can't win the game. 16
Browns 2-2 18 Strong defense and an inspired young team, they are definitely on the rise 26
Bills 2-2 19 For a rebuilding team, someone forgot to tell them they are supposed to be terrible 22
Eagles 1-3 20 They got embarrassed on Sunday. It is bad when the network switches games in the third quarter. 18
Rams 1-3 21 Only win against Arizona for a team that is hoping Sam Bradford can take that next step 19
Cardinals 2-2 22 Carson Palmer is as erratic as ever. The Cardinals are next in line to live with the Carson headache 20
Jets 2-2 23 Is anyone confident that Geno Smith is the QB of the future? 21
Redskins 1-3 24 Oakland was the medicine that soothed Redskins fans. The play of RGIII leaves a lot to be desired 23
Chargers 2-2 25 Philip Rivers is good enough to make trouble for opposing teams. That’s about it. 24
Panthers 1-2 26 This team is a strong defense and Cam Newton. Not enough to win consistently in the NFL 25
Vikings 1-3 27 Someone had to win in England. I am glad it was the Vikings. 27
Raiders 1-3 28 This is a team still reeling from poor decisions in the past 29
Giants 0-4 29 Bad team, embarrassed by the Chiefs in week 4. When is the fire Tom Couglin talk starting? 28
Buccaneers 0-4 30 A mess, benched QB and what looks to be a lame duck coach 30
Steelers 0-4 31 I love how bad they are, a 2 - a4 season seems likely 31
Jaguars 0-4 32 Just bring Tebow to town for the game against the Broncos, thwy could use some divine intervention 32