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Buccaneers looking to trade Josh Freeman to everyone

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are looking to trade quarterback Josh Freeman, who was forced to explain the drug program that he's currently on.

Jamie Sabau

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are reportedly contacting every team in the NFL (except themselves) to discover interest in quarterback Josh Freeman prior to the Oct. 29 trading deadline. It was recently leaked that Freeman, who was benched last week, is in stage one of the league's drug program for an approved use of a prescription drug for ADHD. Freeman never tested positive for street drugs, nor is he going to be suspended, but has been the subject to 46 tests in which he has passed.

The NFL Players Association, who is "coming after everyone" involved in the leak, is meeting in Tampa Bay. If someone is found to have leaked the information, there is a fine of up to $500,000 for the offender. It's just a messy divorce in Tampa Bay, which Sander Philipse details the past year after reports exploded Monday night.

As for the Bengals, don't expect them to entertain trade offers for a guy with 79 career turnovers since 2009 (66 interceptions, 13 lost fumbles... and 26 more fumbles that were recovered by him or his offense). Despite his struggles against the Cleveland Browns, the Bengals are committed to Andy Dalton and the team rolled over cash for his (and A.J. Green's) extension next year. Unless you're suggesting that the Bengals should grab him as a backup, well then we're fairly confident that Jay Gruden's relationship with Josh Johnson and the team's obsession with their own picks will make this unrealistic.