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PFF grades the Bengals offensive line as the best in the NFL

Criticisms have been leveled at the offensive line, whether it's warranted or not.

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It's the offensive line's fault - the usual fall-back complaint when people want to avoid directing criticism against the team's more visible superstars. Or maybe someone sees the quarterback settling in the pocket for six seconds before a rusher breaks free for the eventual sack. Six seconds. Offensive line's fault.

Here's a nugget.

If you believe that the Bengals offensive line is bad, then the 31 other teams in the NFL are worse.

That according to Pro Football Focus' latest offensive line rankings who listed the Cincinnati Bengals as the top group in the league at this stage.

It comes to something when even the backup left tackle, Anthony Collins, is getting a positive grade. Helped by a quick-hit offense, they rarely allow pressure and their young guards have taken a big step forward in the run game.

The biggest criticism is assigned to Kyle Cook, who is absolutely struggling in pass protection.