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Wallace Gilberry unloads on Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano

Gilberry took this opportunity to unload into Buccaneers head coach, calling him a joke of a coach and saying that Tampa Bay "felt like a high school team".


You had to figure that Wallace Gilberry was going to get some recognition. After a suburb season with the Bengals last year, generating 6.5 quarterback sacks as a backup defensive end that primarily played as an inside rusher during passing downs, Gilberry signed a three-year deal worth $6.75 million during the offseason.

Then he stepped in for the concussed Michael Johnson last week against the Patriots and posted 1.5 quarterback sacks, both on third down and forcing a punt on those respective possessions. This gives him nine sacks in 19 games played with the Bengals.

"They call him one of my nuts and bolts, just a guy who keeps working his tail off and keeps doing what he’s supposed to do. He’s good for the football team," Lewis said on Sunday.

On Thursday, Gilberry went off on Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano, calling him a "joke, as you can see."

"When I was in Tampa, it was frustrating. The whole situation. From the time I got there until the time I left," Gilberry said via "They released me twice. They cut me on the field at practice after the final cuts. I was on the field, ready to practice in pads and everything. Schiano came on the field and got me. 'Hey, we've got to release you.'

"I flew home to Alabama and they called me the next morning. 'We made a mistake. We want to bring you back.' They signed me back. I made the opening day roster. My contract was guaranteed (because he was vested) and then they cut me again after Week 1. Schiano's a joke, as you can see."

Gilberry signed with the Bengals four days after Tampa Bay released him, eventually recording 6.5 quarterback sacks and even scoring a defensive touchdown during a fumble recovery.

"The Bengals gave me an opportunity. It's different. Coach Marvin (Lewis) is a coach that if he tells you something, it's what he means," Gilberry said via "When he brought me in and told me about the opportunity, he said it's what you do with it. It's up to you. And they have given me the opportunity and I made the best of it. Here I am now a year (from signing) and I'm still in the same position. I'll do anything I can to help this team win. I'll do anything I can to help this defense win. Anything I can to help my D-line win, that's what I'll do."